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Your Ultimate Guide to Moving to Dallas, Texas

moving to dallas
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Are you thinking about packing up your bags and moving to Dallas, Texas? Moving to the Lone Star State is no small feat – so many exciting (or maybe intimidating) decisions must be made to before moving and settling into a new city.

Here at our blog, we’ve compiled an extensive guide for young professionals who want to make the move confidently. We will help you break down all of Northern Texas’s best features and amenities, from bustling downtown centers alive with entertainment options to the historical sites across the state where you can get a sense of Texan culture and history.

Our two-part guide even gives insider tips gathered over decades of researching this great city – so don’t go packing your bag and make that move without learning more!

A Brief Introduction: Why Choose Dallas?

Welcome, folks, to Dallas, or “Big D” as we fondly call it here in North Texas! Now, why would you consider moving to Dallas, you ask? Well, allow us to tell you. 

Dallas is more than just a big city, it’s a vibrant blend of history with a modern twist, outdoor recreation, great entertainment, and a convenient central location that makes it unlike any other cities.

Moving to Dallas means you’ll be rubbing shoulders with friendly Dallas residents, many of whom are professionals drawn by the strong economy and the lack of state income tax. Yes, you heard right, no state income taxes here in Texas!

But that’s not all. The Dallas housing market is diverse with affordable starter homes to high-end estates, making home ownership within reach for many. Sure, you may experience some sticker shock with the median home price being above the national average, but remember, the overall cost of living in Dallas, especially housing costs, still tends to be lower than many other metropolitan areas.

So you’re looking to rent? Awesome! You’re in luck because there’s a smorgasbord of options for you – from chic apartments to cool lofts throughout Dallas, and guess what? They come in all price ranges too!

Now let’s talk fun. We’re home to the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, and Dallas Wings. So, whether you’re into professional sports, looking for great schools in a diverse school district, or interested in spending a family day at places like the Dallas Zoo, Dallas Arboretum, White Rock Lake, or the Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas has it all!

And speaking of the Arboretum, it’s not just a botanical garden, but a vibrant palette of colors and fragrances that sets Dallas apart. For those history buffs, the Bush Presidential Library is a must-visit too.

Let’s not forget the average salary here aligns well with the cost of living in Dallas. And with many opportunities for great entertainment like the Six Flags, many professional sports teams, a vibrant city life, and with excellent public transportation, life in Dallas becomes even more appealing.

So, as you see, Dallas is unique, welcoming, and offers a great balance of work and play, setting it a notch above a typical northern Texas city and beyond. Trust us, you’ll be glad you decided to make that move and fully enjoy living in Dallas!

Culture & Diversity: The Heartbeat Of Dallas

The heartbeat of Dallas lies in its stunning museums like Dallas Museum, world-class restaurants offering global cuisines, sprawling parks perfect for summer picnics (remember those hot Texas summers!), eclectic shops where one-of-a-kind finds are commonplace — all contributing towards making it a great place if not perfect place to call home!

Sports enthusiasts will find their slice of heaven here, too—with professional teams such as FC Dallas Soccer Club, The Cowboys, Mavericks basketball team, or Stars Hockey Club playing regularly at venues like American Airlines Center; there’s always something exciting happening!

Living In Downtown: A Prime Location

If living closer to action is your preference, consider residing within downtown Dallas, which houses gems like Skyline Farmers Market Apartments—a prime real estate property located amidst all happenings yet providing a peaceful abode away from hustle-bustle when desired.

Besides easy access to major cities through well-connected transportation options, including airlines like Southwest Airlines based out here—you also get an advantage over others while job hunting since many multinational corporations have headquarters located within the DFW Metroplex region—including giants such as American Airlines & Texas Instruments!

This amalgamation of modern amenities coupled with historic charm truly encapsulates the essence behind why people choose to make Dallas their new home—making every moment spent worthwhile!

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Dallas?

If you’re considering moving to Dallas, Texas, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s a vibrant city with an affordable cost of living compared to other major cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The Dallas real estate market is booming and offers excellent value for money, especially if you choose wisely. One fantastic option worth considering is the Skyline Farmers Market apartments located in downtown Dallas.

This area boasts proximity to many amenities and access to public transportation options, such as the efficient Dallas Area Rapid Transit system. Learn about the average cost of living in Dallas Texas compared to the national average, so you can plan your move accordingly!

Rent Prices in Prime Locations

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Dallas hovers around $1,491 per month – quite reasonable when compared with other large city counterparts.

Certain areas like Oak Cliff are even more budget-friendly while still offering great lifestyle benefits! However, neighborhoods like Uptown tend towards higher rental rates due to their premium location and upscale offerings.

Amenities & Lifestyle Costs

Dallas offers everything from high-end cocktail bars and fancy restaurants favored by the likes of FC Dallas players or fans of the Dallas Cowboys after catching a game at American Airlines Center, yet also caters perfectly well to those seeking cheap taco joints or affordable eateries serving southern hospitality on a plate!

Grocery Shopping On A Budget

  • El Rancho Supermercado: Known for its fresh produce at competitive prices.
  • H Mart: Asian grocery store chain providing quality goods at good prices.
  • Aldi: International supermarket is known globally for its low-cost groceries without compromising on quality.

What Are The People And Culture Like?

If you’re considering a big move to Dallas, Texas, prepare yourself for an exciting blend of southern hospitality and urban sophistication.

As the ninth-largest city in the United States and fourth-largest metropolitan statistical area, Dallas offers a diverse mix of art, culture, history, and business that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Dubbed as the #1 metropolitan area in 2018 by Homes.com, Dallas is not just another large city—it’s a great place to call home.

With its low cost of living compared to other major cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, this booming metro area has become particularly attractive for professionals looking to make the move to Dallas and investing in the real estate market.

A City Alive with Diversity

The average resident age in Dallas is 32.5 years old—significantly younger than many U.S cities—and more than a quarter of its population is Latino or Hispanic, with Spanish being spoken as either a primary or secondary language by around 40% of residents.

This cultural diversity can be seen everywhere, from vibrant East Dallas neighborhoods such as Oak Lawn right through downtown areas teeming with life day after day.

An Emphasis on Education

In addition to being a one-of-a-kind culturally rich hub, it also takes pride in offering quality education options like Two-Way Dual Language Program within Dallas independent school district.

Such programs allow both English and Spanish speakers to learn each other’s languages, effectively enhancing their reading, writing speaking skills immensely.

Unbeatable Location & Amenities

If you plan on moving to Dallas, make sure to choose your new home wisely because location matters! One amazing option considered would be Skyline Farmers Market Apartments, located in the heart of Downtown, close to all action.

This area includes professional teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks Stars and iconic venues like American Airlines Center, Southwest Airlines headquarters, Texas State Fair, and Baylor Scott Texas Health Resources Center, among others!

What Are Popular Things To Do In Dallas?

Klyde Warren Park Dallas Texas

If you’re contemplating a big move to the Dallas area, then you’re in for an exciting ride! The city of Dallas, Texas, is brimming with activities that cater to all tastes and preferences.

From its vibrant sports scene to its rich educational landscape, there’s always something happening in this bustling metro area. Dallas offers plenty of options when it comes to being a Sports fan.

Sports enthusiasts will find themselves spoilt for choice – football fans can cheer on the iconic Dallas Cowboys, while basketball lovers have the successful Dallas Mavericks.

For those who prefer ice hockey or soccer, there are also the dynamic Dallas Stars and FC Dallas. Moving on from sports, if higher education is your priority, then you’ve chosen a great place.

Numerous North East and Downtown Dallas colleges offer diverse courses ranging from private institutions like Southern Methodist University (SMU) to public ones such as the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

Cultural Attractions:

Apart from these sporting events and educational opportunities, another reason so many people are moving to Dallas are its cultural attractions.

Take some time off your busy schedule and visit sites like the historic 1903-built-Dallas Museum of Art. Or explore modern artwork amidst nature at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

Nature & Adventure:

If adventure thrills excite you more than anything else, head towards amusement parks such as Bahama Beach Waterpark or Speedzone, located close to Fort Worth Area.

And not forgetting Zero Gravity Thrill Park, which guarantees an adrenaline rush!

Parks & Recreation:

Last but not least, let’s talk about outdoor recreation spots where one could relax after hectic weekdays!

Given Dallas County’s warm climate, it maintains over 400 parks, including jogging trails, biking trails, picnic areas, and more, thereby making outdoor activities accessible throughout year-round Texas summers!

Dallas Job Market and Housing

Let’s talk about the job market in Dallas. Moving to Dallas you’ll find it’s robust, diverse, and full of opportunities for young professionals like you.

Dallas’ actual job market, with its sub-cultures from each surrounding city, offers a vibrant professional scene that is hard to resist.

Robust Job Market in Dallas

Addison stands out as one example of these thriving suburbs. It has become an attractive hub for companies such as American Airlines.

Corporate Culture in Addison

If your career path leads you here and you end up moving to Dallas, consider yourself lucky. You’ll find countless cheap taco stops around every corner – perfect fuel after a long day at work.

Variety Of Housing Options In The Fourth Largest Metropolitan Statistical Area:

From new apartment complexes popping up downtown near AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play their games or renovated houses scattered throughout South Central Dallas – there’s something for everyone who wants to make that move and live closer to the city center.

Flat-fee MLS listings sell quickly due to strong demand within the region, further validating the claim of being an excellent choice for those looking to relocate. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Baylor University Medical Center, and UT Southwestern are some other notable employers located nearby; hence commuting won’t be an issue either.

Transportation System in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is not just about the Dallas Cowboys or the glitz and glamour of a large city. The real charm lies in its seamless transportation options that make commuting a breeze.

DART: The Longest Light Rail System

If you’re moving to this bustling metro area, here’s something exciting for you. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit System (DART), America’s longest light rail system, connects downtown Dallas with Fort Worth.

This impressive infrastructure offers an efficient alternative to driving.

Convenient Commute Between Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth

The DART makes navigating between these two major cities easy without worrying about traffic congestion or parking hassles. Whether heading out for work at one of the many corporate offices like Texas Instruments, catching a game at American Airlines Center, home of our beloved FC Dallas team, visiting museums such as Dallas Museum, or simply exploring what North, East, South, and West parts have on offer – your commute will be smooth sailing.

It’s time to embrace southern hospitality by making a big move into the heartland, where stars shine brighter than anywhere else.

Taxes Paid by Texas Residents

After moving into the heart of Dallas County, you’ll soon discover that taxes are a part and parcel of life. The Lone Star State, as it’s fondly called, has some unique tax rules to consider.

State Income Tax

Well, here’s another benefit about moving to Dallas from out of state – Texans don’t pay state income tax! Texas is one of the seven U.S. states where residents are not required to pay income taxes to the state.

That’s right, most people decide to move to Dallas, among many reasons, because Dallas residents enjoy more of their earnings than the national average. Living in Dallas certainly has its perks!

Personal Property Taxes on Homes

If you’re moving to Dallas with plans to call home one of those charming renovated houses or sleek new apartment complexes around South Dallas or the South Central Dallas area, be prepared for personal property taxes.

Every homeowner in Texas pays this particular levy based on their property’s assessed value.

Vehicle Taxation Rules

Bought a shiny new car after landing your dream job at American Airlines? A word to the wise – an annual ad valorem tax is also waiting for vehicle owners.

Sales Tax Implications

Dining out at countless cheap taco stops downtown? Or perhaps catching up with friends over drinks near Baylor University Medical Center?

Your bills will include sales tax – another aspect Texans have become accustomed to paying.

Exploring Neighborhoods: From Uptown To Bishop Arts District

Still mulling over the idea of moving to Dallas? One of the best parts about living in Dallas is the variety of neighborhoods. Each one brings a unique flavor, and that’s what makes Dallas so special.

Take Uptown, for example, a hot spot for many young professionals. With its fantastic restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and a slew of happy hour spots, it’s no wonder why many decide to call Dallas home.

Then there’s East Dallas, where the charm of the old town blends seamlessly with the big city vibe. Housing prices here might be a bit higher, but it’s all worth it for the serene views of White Rock Lake.

Looking for a family-friendly neighborhood? Look no further than Lakewood. It’s well-known for its great schools, welcoming community, and picturesque homes.

But wait, we can’t forget Deep Ellum! Known for its rich music history, vibrant arts scene, and great restaurants, this neighborhood is a hub for creatives.

Let’s not leave out the Bishop Arts District, an eclectic neighborhood renowned for its unique shops, exquisite dining experiences, and the best margaritas in town.

For those craving a bit of luxury, there’s Highland Park. With its upscale shops, meticulously manicured lawns, and grand homes, it’s one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dallas.

Oak Lawn is another fascinating area, known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community and bustling nightlife. It’s a welcoming place that celebrates diversity, boasting a multitude of dining options and boutiques.

On the other hand, if you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll love Lake Highlands. With direct access to White Rock Lake and a slew of parks, it offers a peaceful retreat right in the heart of the city.

For a more hipster vibe, consider moving to Lower Greenville. This neighborhood is full of historic charm, cool bars, trendy restaurants, and eclectic shops.

Preston Hollow, home to many of Dallas’s most affluent residents, offers spacious lots and gorgeous homes. It’s a quiet, residential neighborhood perfect for those who want a suburban feel within the city.

The Design District, as the name suggests, is an up-and-coming area known for its interior design showrooms, art galleries, and sleek modern lofts.

And finally, there’s Downtown, the heartbeat of Dallas, home to some of the city’s largest employers and high-rise residences offering spectacular views.

In short, no matter where you decide to move in Dallas, there’s a neighborhood that’s just right for you. So, come on in and make the big move and make Dallas your own!

Visit Skyline Farmers Market If You’re Moving to Dallas

Moving to Dallas opens doors to a robust job market and diverse housing options. It means being part of an extensive transportation system with the longest light rail in the country at your service.

You’ll be living in a state where taxes are clear-cut – personal property on homes and vehicles, plus sales tax. The education scene is vibrant, too, offering quality schooling choices within affluent suburbs like Colleyville.

Above all, moving to Dallas means you’re stepping into a lifestyle brimming with museums, boutique shopping experiences, and underrated food scenes.

If you’re ready for this exciting transition towards the Texan life… consider exploring our Farmers Market Apartments in Downtown Dallas. At Skyline Farmers Market, we offer modern apartment living that perfectly complements your new urban lifestyle.

With us as your home base, experience everything that moving to Dallas has to offer!

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